Corporate and Group Presentations
Small Public and Private Classes

Most of the groups and corporations I work with are seeking a one- to three-hour presentation on yoga, Feng Shui, decluttering, stress relief or some combination thereof. They are looking for tools that will enhance the work and personal lives of their employees. Fees for presentation vary depending on length and location. They generally range from $175-$500. Responses from these groups and the individuals that participate indicate that the seminars successfully improve morale, efficiency and satisfaction at work and in life. Best of all I keep getting feedback that these effects are long lived! People tell me that they continue to use and refine the tools that I shared in our time together, and that they often share the tools and handouts with fellow employees, family and friends. I cannot hope for more.

Past and continuing clients include Westconsin Credit Union, University of Wisconsin-Stout (various departments); HerbFest; a human resource managers group; a mentoring group; Eau Claire Women's Network; interior design and decorating classes; Body, Mind and Spirit Conference.


How we feel in our bodies and in the space that surrounds us can affect every level of our life. We spend a good portion of our waking hours at work. Learn how to create a work environment that supports you and discover stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques that keep your mind and body flexible, strong and centered.

The position of your desk, what objects are in your workspace, how and where clutter accumulates are powerful factors that affect your overall well-being and productivity. Applying some simple techniques of Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement) to your office will greatly improve your energy level and focus at work, and give you more energy to take home to the rest of your life.

Yoga exercises and breathing techniques greatly increase mental and physical well-being. Even doing a few minutes each day changes the way you use your body, thus reducing stress as you move through your day. Yoga also reduces mental and emotional stress, and many people experience related benefits such as improved memory and focus, increased job satisfaction and an increased sense of being "present." Discover stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques that keep your mind and body flexible, strong and centered. You might even find that the mid-afternoon energy slump doesn't plague you as often! Many techniques can be done while sitting at a desk or driving in your car, which means you can support your body and your mind even when you are particularly busy.

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